System 32

This is a universal standard system to automate furniture manufacturing that enables the perfect assemble using any connection system and fit shelf supports, hinges, drawer runners,  bi fold lift systems, etc. since all of them are conceived to be assembled by means of 32 system drills.

This system allows us, for example, to have the production of standard pieces of furniture simplified by drilling according to the measurements of this system (e.g. kitchen cabinets) and to assemble it at the customer’s demand, for example cabinet doors, drawers, shelves and to combine them in any way.

To get an idea of what a standard system is, CNC machines have their drilling lines at a distance of 32mm among drilling bits. All our systems in a32z are compatible to make holes according the standard 32 system or other measurements. In fact, we’ve named it a32z because our systems allow all kind of works in system 32, from a to z.

The 32 system consists of drilling lines made at a distance of 37mm in the side fronts and 32mm or multiple distance with each other, in both X and Y axes. So, we can do 3, 4, 5, 8, 10mm diameter drillings. Usually the diameter used is 5mm. Nevertheles, as long as we have suitable furniture hardware, 3mm diameter drillings will be less noticeable and enable furniture hardware assembling by standard screws.

In order to calculate where to begin in height with system 32, there is a problem: usually standard modules (700, 900mm in hight) are not compatible with Syst32 if we take as a reference the half of the piece’s thickness that we place in top or base of our furniture.

So, it is better to use as a reference the half piece and do drilling lines on the side that we’ll use as fixing baselines for the furniture hardware used and, on the other hand, the drillings made to assemble the particular piece of furniture.

With respect to hinges and shelves it is better to use as a reference the half piece and do the drillings. In this case, we can do it in two ways:

A Option

Hinge. Divide the step 32 and make a drilling at 16mm+16mm up and down from the middle of the piece. This option allows to place a hinge with base 32 (16+16) in the exact center of the door.

B Option

A drill in the center of the piece. This is the option usually adopted in low units for shelves. This option allows placing a hinge with a perpendicular base in the exact center of the door.


With respect to drawers, drills depend on the specific measures to install in height, according to the brand and model of the drawer runners, as well as the height of the front panel of the drawer used. Typically, they may considerably differ with system 32 in their measures in height, since the measures in height of drawers aren’t multiple of 32mm.

This is an example of drawer runner (the measures have been taken from the manufacturer’s documentation).

We plan the place where the runners will be placed so to allow us to put front panels in any position in height.

We get mechanized measures.

These drills can be done by means of our Jig 32 Rule Art a32z 200 regardless their diameter, .. 3, 5, 8, 10mm……., depth or measure.