Who we are

We’ve got it!!! After years of investigation, innovation and development, we’ve achieved what seemed impossible. You can produce quick-assemblying furniture and achieve perfect joints every time, with the precision and cleanliness that a numeric control machine offers…

but without having a CNC machine!!

Finally, everybody can perform complex tasks easily and conveniently and best of all, without spending a huge amount of money on equipment or time learning new systems. With our guided-drilling systems (standard drill bits included) and a standard electric drill (we recommend 3.000 rpm), in 10 minutes you will be working easily, so that your productivity will grow., It will enable you to make any piece of furniture or joinery you desire using any system that requires drilling holes.


a32z is the product of a family tradition of working with wood going back 50 years. We are carpenters and cabinet-makers and as everybody who has a passion, we face new challenges and tasks to which need to respond.

It is overcoming these challenges what pushes us to develop new ways of solving problems in an efficient way. We all spend time making jigs to solve these problems, some better than others and having come up with a good idea we thought:  “why not sharing it?”.

We’ve always strived to raise our quality and productivity by research and innovation into better ways of manufacturing a product. Making holes with a handheld drill has always been a bit of hit and miss operation so we thought it was the time to mechanize all our drilling operations when making a piece of furniture, so the a23z is designed to achieve precision results time after time (regardless of its depth or diameter… 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35mm) and to mechanize the fitting of cabinet connectors produced by any supplier or type and remove issues of misalignment of furniture hardware. This is ideal for the fitting of shelf support, hinges, drawer runners, bi fold lift systems and many other types of furniture hardware.