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  • Cabineo JIG is a development of machining of a32z, for the Cabineo connector of the Swiss Lamello group, giving machining solution to companies and individuals that do not have CNC technology. Being able to perform any machining of Cabineo and accessories fast, efficient, simple, and with the required precision.

  • Sistema mecanizado rápido para taladro canto, disponible diámetros 3, 4, 5, 8 y 10mm. Gruesos de 0 a 50mm.

    Medidas de caja 80 largo x 21 ancho x 17 alto (med cm), Peso 5,5 Kg

  • It is a rule to achieve 32 system drillings or other measurements, doing in this way mechanized woodworking for all furniture hardware in the market (all models and measures): You should drill at any distance or diameter… 3, 4, 5, 8and 10mm.

    You should mechanize furniture pieces for shelf support, hinges, drawer runners, bi fold lift systems, furniture hardware, etc.

  • It is a system that can achieve manufacture furniture using panels, enabling woodworking furniture hardware or combine wich each other.

    This are the options (all models and measures):

    • 8, 10mm ……round wooden dowels diameter
    • Allen screws
    • Standard screws
    • Cabinet connectors by any supplier, type or measure to enable dismantling and assembling furniture.
  • Stair grips are very useful for fixing all kinds of elements, of all thicknesses and cutting angles.

    Their application is especially useful for railings on flights of stairs.


    • Easy use.
    • Quick and perfect joining between stairs, handrails, bannisters and strings.
    • Flexible for any inclination of bannister.
    • A perfect finish with no need for screws or nails which would have to be hidden after fixing.
    • It permits the rapid gluing of timbers using round dowels, flat dowels, mortice joints etc….
    • Optimum strength is offered by all elements being clamped at the same time.
    • It permits the mounting on site of all varnished elements.
    • It adapts to any thickness of turned timber, balustrade.
    • It permits gluing even though some elements may be warped.
    • It facilitates the gluing between handrail, string and newel post.

Showing all 5 results


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